Fire Safety Measures


Fire Safety Measures

Fire protection specialists, being a reputable service provider, offer a comprehensive set of fire services including testing of all fire safety measures and inspections to ensure complete protection in your premises. As we are a fully accredited practitioner in fire safety, we issue annual council certification (ACC) and other council certifications like AFSS with in-house professionals who carry genuine knowledge about fire safety solutions.

As we prioritise your safety and in service to help and protect you from fire damages, our experts will offer free consultation on your fire protection needs. Once you approach us, we will directly come out, carry out the inspection and advise the solutions and steps to be followed to keep your environment safe.

We extend our service to Stratas, real estate properties, and other commercial buildings which need regular inspection and maintenance. We ensure to inspect and enhance the fire safety operations and measures in the building to help them escape and handle the fire carefully during an incident.

So, if you are looking for fire protection specialists around Greater Sydney and Sydney Metropolitan Areas, we are right here at your service. Call us for an inspection and get them done at cost-effective prices.

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